Catalina Beres’ work is influenced by the cultural and emotional significance of colour and imagery, including its effect on our mood and the communicative act of painting.

Often working in series, Beres’ paintings celebrate womanhood, considering the complexity of historic and contemporary readings and realities of being a woman. Her work recognises feminine power in a world where men and women are schooled to underestimate and reject femininity, seeing delicacy as weakness. She works towards unity and equality, counteracting ideas of ego that can be damaging within society.

One recent project focuses on understandings of misogyny within social exchanges. This body of work expands on her particular interests in feminism, the role of women in today’s society and mental health. Each piece pictures a woman’s face, showing their expression in reaction to insult and prejudice encountered in day-to-day situations. They show a range of emotions including shock, disgust, resignation, concern, discomfort and dismay.

She is currently working towards a new project that focuses on folklore connected to Sânziene, a midsummer rite for women to gather the flowers of the day, coming together with fire and dancing at nightfall to forecast the fortunes of the village.